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Tech Impact On HR Strategies

tech impact on hr strategies

Tapan Gupta, CHRO, PSIPL

Modern Business - Funding And Working

modern business - funding and working

Chetan Kanani, Co-Founder, Alpino Health Foods

Energy Solutions For Sustainable Mobility In The Domestic Market

energy solutions for sustainable mobility in the domestic market

Akshay Kashyap, Founder & Managing Director, Greenfuel Energy Solutions

A Deeper Look Into The Ocean

a deeper look into the ocean

Andreas Merkl, President, Ocean Conservancy

Utilizing India As A Catalyst For Sustainable Development

utilizing india as a catalyst for sustainable development

Himansh Verma, CEO & Founder, Navrattan Group

Innovation Is Digital

innovation is digital

Rudhra Mohandoss, Client Partner - Business Development, Altimetrik

Har Customer Kuch Kehta Hai- Transforming Customer Delight INB2B Organisations

har customer kuch kehta hai- transforming customer delight inb2b organisations

Pooja Aggarwal, Head Of Business Operations, Schindler Group

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